My Story


The norm is to have a self-image of either being an employee or an entrepeneur - PortfolioLiving is my alternative - hope it can be of inspiration to you as well!

During 2011 I exited corporate life as an employee after 14 years - and started to pursue the choice of my life - namely what I have chosen to denote PortfolioLiving. For most people that I know or have come across, working life is either about working as an employee in a company - or to be an entrepreneur - and often combined with a dream to become successful at what you do  - and I have been there myself - having climbed the corporate ladder from project manager through various functions and companies over the years - and eventually to general manager level. It has been a tremendous inspiring journey - with loads of lessons learned, new challenges overcome - and generally a very fulfilling life. However, life changed for me when having my first child at the age of 38, the second at the age of 39, and my third and fourth (twins) at the age of 41 - and my priorities changed even more towards my family - and particularly time with the family. I have studied the infamous "The 4-hour Workweek" book intensely and this has indeed been an inspirational source for PortfolioLiving - in a direct response to an alternative way to earn a living - while being able to also prioritize my family and children.

The concept is actually quite simple - build a portfolio of activities in your life that combined will yield sufficient funds to maintain your way of living - while securing time and freedom to plan your own work. If you strike gold you may be able to actually work four hours a week - but for me, that is not the goal of this concept.